Solid-State Thermal Management for Your Product or Application

What We Do

While other companies are focused on manufacturing one-size-fits-all thermoelectric modules, we specialize in the design of custom and optimized systems and modules.


Why We Do It

The design of a thermoelectric module cannot be separate from the design of the system. Performance of the module is dependent on the system and the system performance dependent on the module.


Whether you need 1 or 1 million modules or systems, a custom and optimized product will save you money and / or maximize performance.


The alternative to custom and optimized is to purchase an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all system or module. Since off-the-shelf modules have no knowledge of your system, the odds of them working for your application is close to zero. One-size-fits-all does not work for clothing and does not work for thermoelectrics.

 Thermoelectric Peltier Cooler Module TEC

If customization is making an engine that meets all requirements of a vehicle application, optimization is making the engine that meets all of the requirements and is the best option for fuel economy or lowest cost or best performance. There can be more than one custom solution that meets requirements of an application, but there is only one optimized solution. For you we design the optimized solution that is not only dependent on your product requirements but also on your goals.



For a custom thermoelectric module or system, optimization brings you minimized cost, maximized performance or other enhanced factors that are most important to your application. This puts your application ahead of the competition.


For your benefit, we work with many different manufacturing partners to supply the custom and optimized designs we create for you. This allows you to use the top technology and get the best prices rather than be tied to one specific supplier’s one-size-fits-all technology or high pricing.


We will work with you to understand the unique requirements of your application and if the requirements are unknown, we will help you develop them.


All of this combined with our passion for solid-state thermal management leads to the best possible outcome for you.


Contact us and tell us about your application.

Engineering Services - Thermoelectric Simulation and System Design

With any new market, the key to fast entry is know-how. We provide the engineering expertise to move your ideas forward. 

We specialize in model based design of custom solid-state thermoelectric systems and solutions. We will design any system. Learn more

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