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Join us at the 232nd Electrochemical Society Meeting (ECS)

We are fortunate to be invited to speak at the 232nd Electrochemical Society Meeting (ECS). The meeting will be held October 1-5 2017 in National Harbor, MD. Please join us!


Presentation Title:

Peltier Supercooling with Isosceles Current Pulses: Cooling an Object with Internal Heat Generation



Applying a current pulse enables a transitory state where the cold junction of a Peltier couple reaches temperatures below that obtainable via maximum temperature delta steady-state current. This supercooling is followed by a period of superheating. With optimized triangular current pulses, the sum of supercooling and superheating can result in net cooling. The objective herein is to gain insight on the sensitivity of system performance during pulsed cooling of a heat generating object with an optimized pulse. A comprehensive parametric study was performed using an electrical-thermal analog model built in SPICE. Heat transfer rate on the cold side can be improved initially as compared to steady state operation at optimal current. The coefficient of performance (COP) decreased during a pulse due to the fast time constant of electrical power consumption relative to cold side heat transfer rate. Time delayed Joule heat and Seebeck voltage contribute to further lowering of COP. However, higher resistance interface materials can improve both the cold side heat transfer rate and COP during a portion of the transient pulse.


Importance of This Work

This work provides a fundamental understanding of an area of thermoelectric cooling that had not previously been explored. Insight gained from this research can be used  to design and model improved thermoelectric systems and modules.


Related Work

If you are interested in this work, you will also enjoy our previous work (Peltier Supercooling with Isosceles Current Pulses: A Response Surface Perspective). The work was presented at the 2017 36th International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT).


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We develop application specific solid-state thermal management solutions that are designed for the unique requirements of every application. Our in-house developed proprietary software allows us to design not only a customized solution but also an optimized one, putting your product ahead of the competition.

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Alfred has worked as a thermal systems engineer and innovator since 2000. Alfred's career started as an ASE certified automotive technician. After eight years as a technician, he earned a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan where he won the Mechanical Engineering department and overall School of Engineering Senior Design Competition with an innovative thermal energy conversion device. Alfred later obtained a master's degree from Michigan Technological University where he studied thermal sciences, did research on thermoelectrics and wrote a master's thesis on transient Peltier supercooling. Alfred has held positions in the advanced engineering organizations of Gentherm and Fiat Chrysler. He has also held engineering positions at General Motors and DENSO Corporation. Alfred is experienced with concept ideation, mechanical and thermal design, computer thermal modeling, prototyping, validation testing, thermal instrumentation, design development and mass production. He holds 5 patents and 6 patents pending and is currently publishing in scientific journals. The first-time Alfred worked with thermoelectrics, he was hooked. Alfred founded Applied Thermoelectric Solutions with the mission of having fun while advancing the state of the art of thermoelectrics design and applications.

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