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Alfred Piggott, Founder at Applied Thermoelectric Solutions LLC

About the Founder: Alfred Piggott

Alfred has worked as a thermal systems engineer and innovator since 2000. Alfred's career started as an ASE certified automotive technician. After eight years as a technician, he earned a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan where he won the Mechanical Engineering department and overall School of Engineering Senior Design Competition with an innovative thermal energy conversion device. Alfred later obtained a master's degree from Michigan Technological University where he studied thermal sciences, did research on thermoelectrics and wrote a master's thesis on transient Peltier supercooling.

Alfred has held positions in the advanced engineering organizations of Gentherm and Fiat Chrysler. He has also held engineering positions at General Motors and DENSO Corporation. In the area of thermal and energy management, Alfred is experienced with concept ideation, mechanical and thermal design, computer thermal modeling, prototyping, validation testing, thermal instrumentation, design development and mass production.  He holds 7 patents and 4 patents pending and is currently publishing in scientific journals.

The first-time Alfred worked with thermoelectrics, he was hooked. Alfred founded Applied Thermoelectric Solutions LLC with the mission of having fun while advancing the state of the art of thermoelectrics design and applications.


The Company

Applied Thermoelectric Solutions LLC is a research and product development company based in Novi Michigan. While other companies are focused on manufacturing one-size-fits-all thermoelectric modules, we specialize in the design of thermoelectric systems. We design custom and optimized systems and modules for the unique needs of every application. We work in the area of thermoelectric cooling and heating, thermal management, and power generation. See our home page for more details.

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