Transient Electrical Current Peltier Cooling Performance

January 8, 2018 Alfred 2 comments

Please find the below PDF with our latest work titled Peltier Supercooling with Isosceles Current Pulses: Cooling an Object with Internal Heat Generation. This work was published December 27, 2017 and was presented at the 232nd Electrochemical Society Meeting (ECS) held October 1-5 2017 in National Harbor, MD. 

The work is important because it provides a fundamental understanding of Peltier cooler performance under transient operating conditions. It also allows for a deeper understanding of steady-state performance. Improving fundamental understanding of Peltier cooling leads to substantially better applications development. 

This research is complementary to previous work where we studied Peltier Supercooling from a response surface perspective. This was presented at the 36th International Conference on Thermoelectrics held July 31st through August 3rd 2017 in Pasadena, CA. The response surface presentation can be viewed here.


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