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Applied Thermoelectric Solutions (ATS) has helped me advance my idea

Applied Thermoelectric Solutions has helped me to bring to life a concept I have had for a long time and never had time or expertise to pursue. Alfred helped me to frame the questions that needed to be answered and proposed a scope of work to evaluate feasibility. To my delight we are ready to go the next step and look at options to decide upon a prototype. I would never have accomplished this without ATS and Alfred’s help. I am in process of applying for a grant to do further research and will continue to use ATS for scientific evaluations. Thank you ATS team and Alfred Piggott.

Diane Mero, SVP

Knowledgeable Professional

Mitchell Zajac | Applied Thermoelectric Solutions | thermoelectricsolutions.com

I’ve spent time working in a variety of industries – automotive, medical, aerospace, etc. – and I’ve worked with a variety of companies. Working with Applied Thermoelectric Solutions has shown them to be knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of their business. Applied Thermoelectric Solutions provides top of the line, innovative services that are unsurpassed in their industry. Their creativity, knowledge base, and professionalism is clear in the results, quality and delivery of their work.

Mitch Zajac

Butzel Long

Unique customer/competitor relationship

Al did a great job balancing the unique customer/competitor relationship of our companies, and worked hard to find solutions that were in the best interest of both parties. He fostered strong collaboration and established firm direction, while remaining receptive to the ideas of others, in order to meet aggressive engineering goals and deadlines.


Tony Rousseau

Senior Mechanical Engineer at Leonardo DRS

Outside of the box…

Alfred has always been able to think “outside of the box” as well as in traditional project structured modes. He is respectful of others on teams he is associated with in addition to being a strong independent thinker and achiever.


Stephen Sinadinos

Senior Manager at DENSO International America,Inc

Always looking for the best solution to a problem

Doug Crane | Applied Thermoelectric Solutions | thermoelectricsolutions.com

I have known Al for 6 years. He is a diligent engineer, always looking for the best solution to a problem. Always easy to work with and professional, Alfred’s work on pulsed thermoelectric cooling is important new work in the field. It was a pleasure working and collaborating with Al.


Doug Crane

Lon Bell Consulting

I look forward to working with…again…

I have personally worked with Alfred concerning details related to one or more patent applications for which he was an inventor. Alfred’s technical competency, attention to detail and diligence in completing the writings greatly contributed to successful project completions. I look forward to working with Alfred again.


Mark D. Ferrari

Sr. Counsel, Intellectual Property and Operations and Quanta Services, Inc

Dedicated and hard working…

Alfred is a very dedicated and hard working individual. I enjoyed working with Alfred and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future.


Vesna Avramoski

Senior Systems Engineer at Yazaki North & Central America

Skills to realize innovative ideas to successful fruition…

Glen P. Roumayah | Applied Thermoelectric Solutions | thermoelectricsolutions.com

Alfred was a pleasure to work with designing and fabricating advanced thermoelectric thermal management systems. Alfred’s excellent understanding of thermal hydraulic systems was invaluable while designing high output thermoelectric liquid-liquid heat pumps. His calm clear focus of project objectives were instrumental to insuring performance and milestone dates were met.


It is rare to find engineers with the creativity, ingenuity, and hands on skills to realize innovative ideas to successful fruition. Al has an excellent grasp for the physics along with skills needed to fabricate and test prototypes to desired outcomes. A real team player who knows how to respect, encourage, and generate consensus.


Glen P. Roumayah

Thermal Engineer at Hussmann

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