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Important: Before contacting us, note that although we do take small projects,  $2000 USD is the minimum project retainer


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What to Expect

For the best possible outcome of your project, we have established a very involved and multifaceted process that saves you time, money and frustration.


To deliver exceptional results for your project, we employ best practices, meticulousness, foresight, expertise, experience, science, engineering and innovation.


So you are not sent down the wrong path, before we start your project, we expertly prepare and develop a customized diagnosis and prescription.


This prescription is individualized for your unique wants, needs, challenges and circumstances. With this, we help you chart a path forward with recommended next steps.


This provides you with the most effective, and least risky way to proceed with your project.


We provide to you no canned responses, superficial plans or cookie cutter solutions.


Contact us and let us know about your goals and challenges. We will get back to you regarding how to get started.


Expanded Payment Methods

In addition to standard payment methods, we have added expanded options.


These include cryptocurrencies. (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and more)


Contact us with questions regarding any additional alternative payment methods.