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Applied Thermoelectric Solutions LLC (ATS) provides unmatched expert technical services for your thermoelectric/Peltier cooling, thermoelectric generator, or wireless power transfer concept, application, product, or product enhancement.  The company was founded with the vision and continues to offer consultation and design services to assist customers with the design and manufacture of exceptional new or enhanced battery products for any application where heat transfer is a significant consideration.


In relation to existing thermal transfer designs, ATS has successfully implemented patent pending designs providing multiple orders of magnitude thermal resistance reduction.  Unique solutions for wireless energy transfer are also a specialty of ATS with issued and pending patents covering ATS’s proprietary energy transfer technology.  At ATS, every project is unique, and every customer has unique design criteria and needs, necessitating that every solution we deliver receives significant individual attention and forethought.


Specific ATS services include ParaThermic™ design and integration services for low thermal resistance high heat transfer lithium-ion batteries, ThermalConnect™ battery heat transfer modeling and simulation services, VoltaTherm™ battery pack thermal management design and integration services including thermal system engineering, research and development, and thermoelectric modeling and simulation, PowerBeam™ wireless power transfer thermal and electrical simulation, and Exergetix™ research and development services for thermoelectric power generation, thermoelectric cooling and wireless battery charging.  Using these categorized services, ATS determines and defines up-front the service or services needed to take your project to the next level and ensure that project design efficiency is delivered to the customer.


Please contact us to develop a strategy to take your design and product development to the next level of thermal or wireless power transfer performance.

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The Founder and CTO

Alfred Piggott is Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Applied Thermoelectric Solutions LLC.


Alfred has 30+ years of overall experience. Alfred's engineering career in thermoelectrics and thermal systems has focused on product design, development, validation testing, systems engineering, thermal and electrical modeling and research and development. With this experience he has taken projects from concept through mass production and service.


Alfred has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and completed a Thesis on transient electrical pulse thermoelectric cooling. During his graduate work he also obtained a Certificate in Advanced Energy Storage.


During his undergraduate work, Alfred won the Mechanical Engineering department and overall School of Engineering Senior Design Competition with an innovative thermal energy conversion device.


Prior to obtaining an engineering degree, Alfred worked as a certified automotive technician for 8 years.


Alfred has published several papers on thermoelectrics and received the Editor’s Choice award from the Journal of Electronic Materials regarding transient thermoelectric generator modeling. Alfred currently holds 16+ patents.


Alfred is actively presenting at thermoelectrics conferences around the world and recently selected as a judge for NASA Tech Briefs Create the future design contest 2019.

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Skills to realize innovative ideas to successful fruition…

Glen P. Roumayah | Applied Thermoelectric Solutions | thermoelectricsolutions.com

Alfred was a pleasure to work with designing and fabricating advanced thermoelectric thermal management systems. Alfred’s excellent understanding of thermal hydraulic systems was invaluable while designing high output thermoelectric liquid-liquid heat pumps. His calm clear focus of project objectives were instrumental to insuring performance and milestone dates were met.


It is rare to find engineers with the creativity, ingenuity, and hands on skills to realize innovative ideas to successful fruition. Al has an excellent grasp for the physics along with skills needed to fabricate and test prototypes to desired outcomes. A real team player who knows how to respect, encourage, and generate consensus.


Glen P. Roumayah

Thermal Engineer at Hussmann

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