Applied Thermoelectric Solutions Wins Editors’ Choice Award

Thermoelectric generator power versus time plot with Thomson effect, Seebeck Effect, non thermoelement model and temperature dependent properties

Applied Thermoelectric Solutions has won the editor’s choice award from the Journal of Electronic Materials. The award was for a paper we published titled “Detailed Transient Multiphysics Model for Fast and Accurate Design, Simulation and Optimization of a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) or Thermal Energy Harvesting Device”

This honor is reflective of the comprehensive nature of the article and its overall excellence. Only a few Editors’ Choice articles are selected each year.

Our goal is to be the expert that customers think of first when they need help with their thermoelectrics product or application. Breaking new ground and advancing the field is one way we highlight our leadership in thermoelectrics, keep our customers returning and get the attention of potential new customers.

The published paper can be viewed below.


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