Applied Thermoelectric Solutions Invited to Judge NASA Tech Briefs Innovation Contest Applied Thermoelectrics was invited and served as judge for the 2019 NASA Tech Briefs Create the Future Innovation Contest.
3D Modeling and Simulation results for a thermoelectric generator (TEG) and a two stage TEG module
Done correctly, most thermoelectric generator (TEG) projects succeed. Below, you will find many benefits of thermoelectric generator modeling and simulation that most people are unaware will help their project succeed.
Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) Seebeck Module with electrical
Applied Thermoelectric Solutions has won a recent open innovation challenge. With over 300 entries coming from around the world, the challenge was to provide a wireless power source for an
Thermoelectric generator power versus time plot with Thomson effect, Seebeck Effect, non thermoelement model and temperature dependent properties
Applied Thermoelectric Solutions has won the editor’s choice award from the Journal of Electronic Materials. The award was for a paper we published titled “Detailed Transient Multiphysics Model for Fast
A radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) pacemaker
How Thermoelectric Generators Work Thermoelectric generators (TEG) are solid-state semiconductor devices that convert a temperature difference and heat flow into a useful DC power source. Thermoelectric generator semiconductor devices utilize
Thermoelectric generator module thermal image
Join Us at the 37th Annual International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT 2018) When: July 1-5, 2018  Where: Caen France Our Presentation Topic: Detailed Transient Multiphysics Model for Fast and Accurate Design, Simulation
SPICE model of a heat generating object cooled by transient pulses thermoelectric simulation
Please find the below PDF with our latest work titled Peltier Supercooling with Isosceles Current Pulses: Cooling an Object with Internal Heat Generation. This work was published December 27, 2017 and
Medical applications of thermoelectrics / Peltier cooling showing a Peltier cooler / thermoelectric generator
  Introduction to Thermoelectrics and its current Application to the Medical Field. The following is an invited talk presented by Alfred Piggott, owner and founder of Applied Thermoelectric Solutions LLC. 
Join-us-at-232nd-ECS-meeting showing and thermoelectric Peltier Module
We are fortunate to be invited to speak at the 232nd Electrochemical Society Meeting (ECS). The meeting will be held October 1-5 2017 in National Harbor, MD. Please join us! Presentation
optimization of pulsed Peltier cooling and heating
The below (at the bottom) PDF slides were presented at the 2017 ICT (36th International Conference on Thermoelectrics) on August 1st by Alfred Piggott. The talk was well received and generated
What is Thermoelectric Module Optimization? Optimization is in contrast to custom thermoelectric module design. With a custom thermoelectric module design there can be many designs that meet your requirements. Optimization
International Conference on Thermoelectrics ICT Showing a Peltier module
Please join us at the 36th International Conference on Thermoelectrics to be held July 31st through August 3rd 2017. We will be presenting on “Peltier Supercooling with Isosceles Current Pulses: