Patent image of battery pack cooled with thermoelectric modules

Solid-State Battery Thermal Management System

The solid-state battery thermal management system in the below PDF is a sample of our work. This battery thermal management system has many features that set it apart from typical
Thermoelectric Peltier simulation of temperature vs. time during a transient thermoelectric pulse with comparison to other models
Below is an example of our published research and development work with transient thermoelectric pulse cooling (also known as Peltier supercooling, thermoelectric supercooling,¬†thermoelectric pulse cooling).   It was found with
Thermoelectric Peltier Couple showing electrons and hold a DC power source and hot and cold side

How is heat transferred in a Peltier / Thermoelectric module?

To understand how heat is transported in a Peltier module, it is necessary to understand the construction of a Peltier module. A semiconductor couple is the basic building block of
The effect of Isosceles current pulse height on Qc of a thermoelectric couple vs time

Thesis on Using Electrical Current Pulses to Improve Thermoelectric Cooling

Improving Thermoelectric Cooling Using Triangular Electrical Current Pulses Please check out the below Thesis document titled:   “Transient thermoelectric supercooling: isosceles current Pulses from a response surface perspective and the
Patent image of thermoelectric cooling of a battery pack with graphite heat spreaders

Thermoelectric / Peltier Battery Cooling. Graphite Heat Sink Doubles as Heater

Unique Battery Thermal Management System An example of our work. Lots of unique features with this thermoelectric battery thermal management system. One interesting feature is the heat sink is also
Patent image of thermoelectric battery cell cooling with heat spreaders

Thermoelectric / Peltier Battery Cooling and Uses of Heat Spreaders

Battery Thermal Management with Thermoelectrics and Heat Spreaders An example of our work, have a read of the below PDF regarding using thermoelectrics and heat spreaders for battery cell cooling
Patent image of thermoelectric battery cooling of battery terminals

Thermoelectric Thermal Management of Electrical Devices

Thermoelectric Thermal Management of Electrical Devices An example of our work, the below PDF discusses using thermoelectrics for thermal management of electrical devices, including batteries.   Unmatched Technical Services for
Thermoelectric devices circuit board and blower

6 Benefits of Using Our Thermoelectric Innovation Service

What is open innovation? Open Innovation is a process of engaging in R&D and Innovation with a greater emphasis on complimenting the organizations internal ideas and research with ideas and
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5 Benefits of our Thermoelectric Engineering and Simulation Services

Predict System Performance with Confidence Launching a new product or improving upon and old one is a resource intensive venture. What if you could understand with confidence the thermal performance
Solid-state thermoelectric cooling and TEG module

9 Advantages of Solid-State Thermoelectric Thermal Management Technology

What is solid-state thermoelectric technology and how does it work? Solid-state thermoelectric heating and cooling technology is also known as Peltier cooling. Sometimes it is abbreviated TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooling) and