Thermoelectric Module Optimization

What is Thermoelectric Module Optimization?

Optimization is in contrast to custom thermoelectric module design. With a custom thermoelectric module design there can be many designs that meet your requirements. Optimization finds the best one of those custom designs. That one design is optimized for your most important design parameter.

What Thermoelectric Module Parameters can be Optimized?

Just to name a few, thermoelectric modules can be optimized for maximum performance (cooling power), maximum efficiency / COP or minimized cost.

Why Thermoelectric Module Optimization is Important?

There can be a large difference in performance, cost and other factors between an optimized design and one that is un-optimized. Using optimization leads to significant performance gains and / or cost savings.

Computer Thermoelectric Optimization + Experienced Engineer

Optimization is a great computerized tool for maximizing performance and minimizing cost.

It should be noted however the computer cannot replace an experienced engineer or design a system at the push of a button. Combining engineering experience with a computerized tool like optimization produces a result that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Thermoelectric Generator Module Optimization (TEG)

There are are also many benefits to optimizing thermoelectric generator (TEG) modules.

Other Thermoelectric and Optimization Resources

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What is optimization?


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