Solid-State Battery Thermal Management System

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The solid-state battery thermal management system in the below PDF is a sample of our work. This battery thermal management system has many features that set it apart from typical battery thermal managements systems. This thermoelectric system has a heat transfer path through the battery terminals. The solid-state thermal management (Peltier) devices are mounted on the bus bars. The battery management system (BMS) and the solid-state battery thermal management system are highly integrated. The air duct, blower, BMS, thermal management system and bus bars are all integrated into one convenient assembly. No liquid or refrigerant lines are required.


  • One of a kind design
  • Simple to assemble
  • Highly integrated design
  • Individual cell temperature control
  • Heat some cells, cool others to maintain pack temperature
  • Quiet operation
  • Cools below ambient or cabin temperature
  • No refrigerant required

About Applied Thermoelectric Solutions

At Applied Thermoelectric Solutions LLC, we are passionate about solid-state thermoelectric thermal management, thermal energy harvesting, and the limitless opportunities to apply the technology to the world around us. We design, engineer, build and test thermoelectric systems for your product or application. We also provide expert consulting services. We are a Michigan based engineering and R&D company. While other companies focus on manufacturing thermoelectric modules, our focus is on engineering the full system. Need an innovative solution for your challenge? We conceptualize, engage in R&D and offer intellectual property for license. We also provide engineering services to help you integrate these solutions into your product or application and find the right manufacture. Whether your product or application is one of a kind or will be high-volume mass produced, we can help. We will design any system no matter the complexity.

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